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Cruzita and the Mariacheros

Cruzita is going to be a pop star. All she has to do is win a singing contest at her favorite theme park and get famous. But she can’t go to the theme park this summer. Instead, she has to help out at her family’s bakery, which has been struggling ever since Tío Chuy died. Cruzita’s great-uncle poured his heart into the bakery―the family legacy―and now that he’s gone, nothing is the same. When Cruzita’s not rolling uneven tortillas or trying to salvage rock-hard conchas, she has to take mariachi lessons, even though she doesn’t know how to play her great-grandpa’s violin and she’s not fluent in Spanish. At first, she’s convinced her whole summer will be a disaster. But as she discovers the heart and soul of mariachi music, she realizes that there’s more than one way to be a star―and more than one way to carry on a legacy.

Where Monsters Lurk & Magic Hides

Where Monsters Lurk & Magic Hides is an anthology of Latine/x genre fiction from both new and established young adult authors.  The stories in this anthology span the genre categories of romance, sci-fi & fantasy, and gothic horror. They take place in this world, other worlds, or maybe somewhere in between. Most importantly, the characters on these pages are not stereotypical Latine characters. Rather, they are fleshed-out characters, embarking on amazing adventures, who are unabashedly Latine. Jumping between sections of this anthology, you will have a chance to see how tropes and settings specific to these genres are interpreted through our specific cultures. At the core of the stories are themes of family, love, religion, loss, food, longing, and ever-shifting identity.  This anthology explores all of the joy and speculation found through Latinidad. 

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